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Planetcasa to work in real estate since 1996, and with the head of Volla since 2003, offering its customers a high quality service done with kindness , passion, competence and professionalism.
We offer ourselves as consultants to offer families, businesses , construction companies and real estate investors , innovative solutions and high quality services at every stage of the sale or lease of real estate. We are associated with the FIAP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents ), one of the most important associations.
We operate throughout the Vesuvian area and the Central area of Naples , making use of personal writing to the professional role at the relevant chambers of commerce , and the collaboration of other real estate related to us , in order to guarantee the customer with a total coverage of the territory.

So ....

Rely on a professional rule!

It may seem just a slogan, we believe it is indispensable to guarantee the safety and quality . The real estate agent will be so for you a valuable contributor in the acquisition of an asset, the house, which often involves more than your money even your heart . We do not want to forget that the house in addition to being your home is also the site of your affections.

Make sure that the real estate agent that you are targeting is in order : it is, that is, written according to law to the role of real estate brokers at the Chamber of Commerce in your city and , even better, is also a member of the trade association .

Make sure that your relationship is clear and trasparente.Usa the forms both in defining the mandate to sell that to the proposed purchase. A clear forms and read carefully is the prerequisite for ambiguity and therefore does not give rise to problems in posteriori.FIAIP studied its forms with a panel of lawyers , he checked with the Association of Consumers and he registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

Clarify what is the commission that you agree to pay . Remember that the commission is a mediator of the law (Article 1775 of the Civil Code . L. and 39/89 ), but is subject to the free market and therefore may vary from city to city. As in all things given free economic transactions should generate suspicion. You 'd work for free for someone ? You tackle them an occupational hazard with no return ? You 'd treat you to a doctor who does not pay?

Remember that the broker is entitled to a commission from both parties , by those who sell and those who buy . It ' a guarantee of its neutrality and of his being the third party. It ' also a guarantee for you.

Giving exclusivity is your choice. Remember though that exclusivity is a guarantee of quality and service. Arrange seriously the sale of a property is a cost: the advertising space in the newspapers you pay for, as well as the staff that deals with answering the phone and handle your customers.

Make sure you have all the information that are useful to you before you decide. The real estate agent can help you solve all your questions.

Remember that commission is payable at the conclusion of the deal that commonly refers to the drafting of the compromise. Your real estate agent will follow you until the deed anyway .

The reliability and quality are the concrete values ​​where there is clarity and transparency on the economic aspects .

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